Global AI Infectious Disease



Protect your people against the health, economic, and social impacts of infectious diseases
BlueDot combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning with in-house expertise to help you anticipate, assess, and act against infectious diseases worldwide faster and more efficiently than ever before. Our global disease surveillance engine scans the world 24/7 across 300,000+ articles and 130+ languages to pick up the earliest possible signals of disruptive disease activity, ensuring you are always in the know. Paired with expert commentary and rich indicators of disease spread and impact, you are instantly equipped with what is needed to understand the risk of an emerging outbreak at the origin or to any global location, informing key outcomes such as border decisions, countermeasure preparedness public health policies, and stakeholder communications. Our accolades include predicting Florida’s Zika outbreak six months in advance, identifying and warning clients of COVID-19 five days before the World Health Organization, publishing the first peer-reviewed journal on COVID-19 which accurately predicted the first international cities to receive infections, and more.

Act faster and smarter
Once biothreats are identified, our platform tracks their full lifecycle and provides the deep context needed to achieve the organization’s goals.

Once biothreats are identified, our platform tracks their full lifecycle and provides the deep context needed to achieve the organization’s goals.

      1. Anticipate disruption to critical global assets and supply chains
      2. Forecast demand for products and services
      3. Accelerate product research and development
      4. Fulfill your duty of care to employees and customers
      5. Strengthen operational resilience




The bio-threat intelligence platform combines machine and human intelligence to perform the following:
      1. Identify signals of emerging global biothreats
      2. Triage biothreats to focus on what matters
      3. Empower all concerned organizations with data-driven insights and expert content

Why Choosing Our Platform:

1. Surveillance at a larger scale, without a larger

Reduce the time spent gathering and vetting data while responding faster to global disease threats. With 24/7 coverage, BlueDot has a proven record of identifying disease threats first.
2. Make time-sensitive decisions with confidence
Improve the speed and depth of risk assessments with access to a comprehensive and credible global library of drivers of disease spread, burden, and impact.
3. Engage and educate stakeholders
Extend your team to include the expertise of our experts with access to reports on emerging activity, large-scale events, and disease forecasts — ready to share with key stakeholders.
4. Intelligence where and when you need it most
Easily integrate our data assets into your existing tools, databases, and workflows so that you have the flexibility needed to combine datasets and generate your own unique insights.

More disruptive outbreaks are coming … Gain a competitive advantage with access to our advanced platform which provides data-driven insights and the expert content needed to understand emerging and evolving risks from global biothreats.

Platform Solutions
Critical disease event surveillance
Never be surprised again with the world’s fastest and most comprehensive outbreak intelligence platform. This solution includes:
        1. Near real-time alerts and ongoing assessments for high-concern events
        2. High consequence event briefings (webinars)
        3. Global disease trends, analysis, and outlooks through Intelligence reports

Enhanced risk analysis toolkit
Go deeper on the drivers of disease spread, burden, and impact to make high-stakes decisions with confidence. This solution includes:
        1. Surveillance feed for 120+ diseases
        2. Official cases and deaths for select diseases
        3. Disease spread factors
        4. Disease attributes, demographic risk factors, and environmental risk factors library
        5. Biosecurity surveillance feed

Influenza-like-illness intelligence data, forecasts and reports: this includes:
        1. Historical cases and deaths for influenza-like-illnesses
        2. Rolling seasonal influenza forecasts
        3. Drivers of seasonal ILI burden library
        4. Influenza-like-illness Reports

Mosquito-borne disease data and forecasts
Prepare for next season and beyond with credible and tested continuous forecasts of respiratory and mosquito-borne illnesses. This solution includes:
        1. Official cases and deaths for mosquito-borne diseases
        2. Expected annual and seasonal disease burden
        3. 10-year forecasted environmental suitability to disease vectors
        4. Drivers of mosquito-borne disease burden library