Patient Safety and Risk Management



The Datix Core Platform is the unifying architecture upon which all the Datix modules are built.

Datix is web-based patient safety software for healthcare risk management applications. The solution delivers the following safety, risk and governance elements through a variety of integrated software modules, enabling you to provide a comprehensive oversight of your risk management activities:

  • Incident, adverse event and near miss reporting
  • Patient relations
  • Malpractice claims management
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety alerts
  • Patient experience and feedback
  • Complaints, compliments, comments and concerns

Datix is highly configurable, which means you can tailor it to your structure and unique requirements. Datix delivers a complete patient safety risk workflow, where all improvement actions can be managed together, regardless of whether they are initiated by an investigation, a complaint or an informal comment.Trend analysis is a key part of the information that Datix can provide. Trend reports can be accessed easily, by anyone who needs them. Datix also provides metric-driven dashboards, which can be tailored at user, ward, department or health system level.


Incident Reporting

Transform the way you manage adverse events and near misses, from recording to investigation and analysis of  causes. Datix software enables incident reports to be submitted from wards, ambulance stations, GP practices and  independent contractors, greatly improving rates of reporting and promoting ownership of risk
A simple, flexible and secure solution  

Our online incident reporting form has been designed in consultation with our users so that it is simple to use and suitable for both clinical and non-clinical incident reporting. The user interface can be personalised to your needs and workflows amended to match your organisational structure. Incidents can be submitted by anyone in your organisation with access to a computer on your network.Users in each department or site can be given access to Datix to analyse and run reports on incidents, thus encouraging local ownership of patient safety. These users will only be able to view and report on incidents relevant to them, while at corporate level, managers can view incidents that occur across the entire organisation. Datix’s comprehensive security model means you can restrict access to personal information on a ‘need to know’ basis, satisfying the demands of data protection.

More than just incident reporting

Our incident reporting software fully integrates with other Datix modules including claims, complaints and patient experience management software to deliver a comprehensive risk management solution. Information on incidents automatically feeds into the Datix risk register, enabling you to assess and prioritise your risks as part of a comprehensive governance solution.

Rapid reporting and analysis

Producing powerful reports and management information is simple with Datix Incident Reporting and does not require you to export data or use another reporting package. With Datix, you can adapt the format of reports to suit your audience: you can produce detailed reports on each incident for staff on wards, statistical breakdowns for the risk management committee or graphical analyses of trends for the Board.

Assisting investigations

Datix allows you to record detailed information on investigations, including likely future risk to your organisation, impact on patients and root causes. Support is provided for your internal procedures, allowing you to monitor the progress of any inquiry and keep managers fully informed.Our incident reporting software fully integrates with other Datix modules including claims, complaints and patient experience management software to deliver a comprehensive risk management solution. Information on incidents automatically feeds into the Datix risk register, enabling you to assess and prioritise your risks as part of a comprehensive governance solution.


Patient Complaints Handling

Automatically generate responses to patients by the appropriate deadlines and monitor your performance

Supports you through the complaints process

Datix Complaint Handling module provides the tools you need to respond promptly and effectively to  complaints,   generating      correspondence  

and identifying areas where the quality of your service could be improved. Datix lets you know when a reply is due to a complainant, helping you to meet your targets for response times. Deadlines for responding to a complaint are calculated and displayed on the screen when details are entered on Datix. When users log into Datix, they are immediately shown the complaints that are due a response on that day, and also those complaints that will be due a response in the next few days.

Letters and memos are generated automatically when a response is due and stored with the details of the complaint. Letters from complainants can also be scanned in and attached to a complaint. Datix can also interface with your e-mail system, allowing correspondence to be e-mailed directly from Datix and any replies to be filed with the complaint. This means you can easily refer back to correspondence at any time.

Secure information at your fingertips
Complaints handlers appreciate the instantaneous access to information that Datix provides. You can pinpoint the complaint you are looking for by searching on words that appear in its description. Datix is a fully networked product, which means that your complaints handlers can all access the software simultaneously. Complaints handlers in different departments can be given access only to view the complaints for their own departments, keeping your data confidential  
Helping to improve your services
Datix will help you identify areas that are frequently the subject of complaints, allowing you to focus on these in your efforts to improve services. Datix can also record positive feedback from service users and staff and can be used effectively in training, induction  seminars and staff appraisals. Datix Complaints Handling integrates with Datix Incident Reporting, Patient Experience, Claims Management, Accreditation/Standards and Risk Register to offer a comprehensive risk management solution.

Patient Feedback and Experience

Healthcare providers have a statutory duty to monitor and improve the quality of healthcare.

The Datix Patient Experience module enables information from the Patient Affairs Department to be combined with risk management data from the other Datix modules. This then provides the organisation with a comprehensive monitoring service and the ability to pinpoint areas where service improvements are needed.


The Datix Patient Experience module enables information from the Patient Affairs Department to be combined with risk management data from the other Datix modules. This then provides the organisation with a comprehensive monitoring service and the ability to pinpoint areas where service improvements are needed.

Combining ease of input
Designed with simplicity in mind, the Datix Patient Experience module enables your front desk staff to get on with the job of assisting clients whilst allowing them to record essential details on a clear, easy-to-use screen. For more complex patient experience episodes, additional information can be input and coded to facilitate analysis.
With getting the most from your data
The sophisticated and intuitive Datix report writer produces trend analyses and graphs, enabling you to present powerful messages to stakeholders. The analyses produced with Datix are key to learning lessons and can play a crucial part in service improvement. The powerful searching facility in Datix allows you to pinpoint the records you need and include them in reports.
A joined up system - flexible and secure
Datix is the only patient experience software that is seamlessly integrated with adverse event reporting, claims management and complaints handling modules to deliver a complete risk management solution. Security in the system is powerful and flexible, allowing you to keep patient experience and complaints details completely separate while still being able to share selected information.
A solution for the whole organisation
Datix is fully networked, allowing users throughout the organisation to input and report on patient experience information. Datix's comprehensive security means that access to data can be restricted on a 'need to know' basis so that, for example, a user at a particular site can only view patient experience and feedback information for their site.

Risk Register

The reporting of incidents is fundamental to understanding and managing risk in your organisation.

Just as fundamental is the proactive identification of risks, their prioritization and putting in place action plans to reduce likelihood of recurrence. The Datix Risk Register and Assurance Framework enables you to do this.


Building an assurance framework

The Datix risk register forms a key element of your assurance framework. It enables you to record the major risks to your organisation and the principal objectives that they threaten.

Risks can be captured at every level, from the day-to-day risks faced by the staff on the ground, to the strategic risks at board level or above. These risks can then be prioritised according to a wide range of different criteria, enabling principal risks to be fed upwards to the Board.

Datix allows control measures to be recorded and actions to be scheduled where the current controls are inadequate. It enables you to keep track not only of your position before control measures were introduced, but also of the desired acceptable level of risk after the appropriate controls have been put in place. With Datix, you can even record the current rating for the risk at this moment in time. This unique approach to risk rating delivers a truly dynamic risk management solution.

A system for the whole organisation

With Datix, individual units and departments keep their own risk registers. Information feeds into the organisation-wide risk register, giving a prioritised portfolio of risks across the entire organisation. Datix’s comprehensive security means that users in a department or unit can only see their own risks, while managers can be granted permission to view the entire risk register.

A fully integrated risk management system

To help you identify and prioritise your risks, Datix can use incidents, complaints, claims or even patient experience enquiries already held in the system. These can be linked to a risk, allowing information to be displayed automatically when a user enters a new incident of that risk type. Information in the other Datix modules can be used to prioritise your risk register. For example, you may wish to prioritise certain types of risk by the number of related incidents in the previous year. Datix will enable you to do this without the need to re-key information from another application.

Safety Alert

Datix Safety Alerts module has been designed to help you disseminate communications from Government departments including the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA), manufactures and for example in the UK the Department of Health’s Central Alerting System (CAS), the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS).

You can also use Datix to distribute communications from your own or other organisations, including internal security alerts and best practice guidance.

Broadcast information about medical devices and other healthcare safety issues, automatically recording responses and formulating action plans.

Datix helps you to keep staff, partner organisations and GP practices informed about major health incidents such as pandemic flu. In the event of an outbreak, Datix software can manage and monitor the flow of information between healthcare professionals responsible for dealing with the outbreak.
Compliance with standards

Using Datix can help you meet the requirements of the regulators, as your organisation can use Datix to demonstrate that it has systems in place to monitor overall compliance with the relevant policy documents.

Tracking equipment alerts

Datix Safety Alerts module allows you to record the items of equipment that are in use at your organisation and where they are located. This means you can instantly see whether an alert about a medical device applies to you and which departments or people the alert should be sent to.

Reporting to the Board

Reporting to the Board is simple as Datix generates a wide range of reports quickly and easily. Information from Datix can also be made available on the organisation's intranet, allowing managers to view progress and action plans for alerts. Comprehensive security ensures that only those people who need to view the information have access to it.


The Dashboards module has been designed with a  focus on making data easier to interpret for users at  all levels of an organisation throughout the Datix  applicatio

There is a dynamic environment that allows for the creation of multiple, tab based dashboards. Administrators can push reports out to users based 

on their security group or profile. For example, clinical managers could see a different collection of reports from risk managers.Users have the ability to create multiple dashboards and reports based on their own security profile. Reports can be edited in place on the dashboard, and you can dynamically change the layout of the dashboard to suit your requirements.

Common Classification System (CCS)

The Datix Common Classification System  provides a common language for patient  safety,supporting quality dialogue between  healthcare professionals, leading to a shared  understanding and ultimately influencing safety culture.

A classification system for everyone

The Datix Common Classification System enables the classification of incidents that occur throughout the healthcare environment. Its content has been shaped by healthcare professionals for use in all healthcare organisations, big or small. Incident classification enables healthcare organisations to efficiently identify, analyse and prioritise incidents. An effective classification system plays a key role in patient safety learning systems, providing a focus for harm reduction strategies and leading to improved safety for patients and others in the healthcare system.

Datix’s history in incident classification

The Datix Common Classification System (CCS) was devised in 2001, bringing a standard classification to the many customers of Datix. This ground-breaking innovation introduced the potentially complex concept of incident classification in a simple manner, making it accessible to the wider healthcare community for the first time. Today, the CCS is the most widely used healthcare incident classification system in the world, used by many hundreds of organisations, ranging from small primary care clinics to global healthcare providers.

The continuing evolution of the Datix Common Classification System

Since the initial release of the CCS, there have been many developments in the field of patient safety. In 2012, Datix released a new version of the CCS. The culmination of two years’ effort, the new version incorporates new concepts and structures based on research, expert opinion and user feedback.

Datix Cloud IQ

The Future of Patient Safety

Datix Cloud IQ enables healthcare organisations to generate and implement strategies to enhance the delivery of efficient, targeted and effective care.

" Plan - Do - Study - Act "


Datix Cloud IQ applies the " Plan – Do – Study – Act " process of quality improvement to learning from instances of suboptimal care.


It begins with the initial capture of incidents, patient feedback and surveys and then provides a range of techniques focused on delivering insight, understanding problems and devising cost-effective improvement strategies and goes on to help organisations to implement those strategies and measure their effectiveness.


Datix Cloud IQ is a profound shift in focus for a healthcare risk management application, moving beyond the simple capture and review of data on adverse outcomes towards a managed process of exposing and resolving the issues that lead to those outcomes. As issues are uncovered and improvements are implemented, organisational procedures are updated to embed the changes. This connects policies and guidelines directly to the learning uncovered within the system. Datix Cloud IQ gives organisations a *memory* of what works and – importantly – *why* it works. It opens up learning and improvement to the whole organisation, encouraging all staff, at all levels, to share in this journey.


Datix is a global pioneer in patient safety improvement and Datix Cloud IQ is the result of our continued drive for innovation. It is a culmination of continuous customer engagement, academic collaboration and research. Advances in software and cutting-edge data analytics mean we have been able to produce a range of new tools that drive forward our mission to help our customers protect patients from harm by creating opportunities to learn from things that go wrong.

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